Natasha Shrank
Scarlet Rope Founder; Artist

Scarlet Rope is a Los Angeles based company founded by Natasha Piccio in 2014, in the hopes of bringing about justice, freedom, and redemption for people in need through unconventional ways. We make a difference in the community by giving a portion of our profits to partner charities in order to fight homelessness, sex trafficking, and other social causes.

In each handcrafted piece is the embedded Scarlet Rope that serves as a symbol of redemption and deliverance. This detail inspired by the Biblical story of Rahab, a woman who used a scarlet rope as a signal for her freedom and safety from sexual slavery and prostitution.

Natasha Piccio found her love for creating jewelry after she decided to recreate a beloved yet broken ring. Meanwhile attending college for jewelry and metalsmithing, her awareness for social causes like human trafficking began to stir and increase a passion to end this horrific form of modern-day slavery. The combination of the two lead to the birth of Scarlet Rope.

The Scarlet Rope is the platform Natasha decided to use to partner both her love of creating and her desire for justice: a company whose profits from the sale of jewelry go directly to combat sex trafficking, homelessness, and other social issues.

If you’re interested to connect with Natasha, email her at natasha@scarlet-rope.com.